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Environmental impact


STERIPLUS™, an effective on-site treatment alternative to reduce CO2 emissions.

Did you know that if we used our in situ infectious waste treatment machines on the scale of a country such as France, we could avoid the equivalent of CO2 emissions that 1,300,000 aircraft generate by flying from Paris to London and back?

The management of infectious waste during epidemic episodes (Covid-19, SARS, Ebola,…) is a public health challenge.
Tesalys offers secure solutions for collecting, storing and destroying infectious waste on site in health facilities and laboratories. These solutions allow the management of high biological risks as well as the excess of infectious waste generated during epidemic episodes.
Tesalys solutions are simple to deploy and use, scientifically validated, protect medical staff, patients and the environment.

Impact on CO2 emissions

On-site treatment significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions from transport, which can travel up to hundreds of kilometres.
The waste obtained after treatment by our machines can be assimilated to household waste, allowing it to be compacted, in addition to the significant reduction of its volume by 60 to 80% thanks to shredding.

Using our machines and setting them up on site also helps to reduce the production of infectious waste by raising awareness among care teams and restructuring the infectious waste flow.

Fast and efficient waste management and a major contribution to the environment, this is the challenge that Tesalys is ready to take up.