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To avoid the costs and risks associated with biohazardous waste storage and transport, particularly for health care providers that generate “small” volumes, we have developed the Tesalys STERIPLUS™ System range with the following objectives:

  • Ease of use for waste generators
  • Can be installed wherever required, as close as possible to the waste generation site
  • Respects time limits for biohazardous waste generation and disposal
  • Uses advanced, easy-to-validate technology
  • Adapts its capacity to the quantity of waste to dispose of
  • Can manage small “on-the-spot” flow of waste
  • Requires moderate investment/budget


Tesalys STERIPLUS™ System is a disinfection pre-treatment solution for biohazardous waste, according to the French standard NF X30-503-1.

It is a sterilizer (autoclave) with an integrated shredder, which first shreds the waste before performing an autoclave cycle with steam at 135 °C/275 °F.

Once treated with STERIPLUS™, biohazardous waste is transformed into waste similar to municipal solid waste that can be destroyed like any other inert industrial waste or household waste.

Particular thought was given to “green” design concepts: apart from treating the air and effluents produced by the equipment, the system consumes very little electricity and water, thanks to heat-recovery mechanisms.

Tesalys STERIPLUS™ System performs all steps in a sealed unit, ensuring complete safety
for operators and the environment.

The efficacy of the STERIPLUS™ System has been tested under various aspects:

Microbiological efficacy of the decontamination cycle: reduced to 8 log10

Revival of processed waste: analysis of non-recontamination after 28 days’ incubation

Physical transformation of the waste (shredder efficacy): cut into 8-10 pieces

Environmental efficacy: treatment of the air released by the system through a microbiological filter; treatment of liquid effluents released from the system at 135 °C/275 °F

STERIPLUS™ was specially designed to be installed as closed to the biohazardous waste generation site as possible, thus reducing the risk associated with storage, transport and disposal. The main features of STERIPLUS™ include:

  • 1- Reduces contamination by 6 log10 with an autoclaving cycle of steam at 135 °C/275 °F (reduction of bacterial spores by 8log10)
  • 2- Waste loading chamber: Automatic steam decontamination between cycles
  • 3- Shredder feed system: Fully sealed and automatic, with waste level detection
  • 4- TESASHRED™ shredder: Unique shredding system. Transforms waste into unrecognizable 8-10 mm pieces
  • 5- Reduction of solid waste by up to 80% in volume, up to 50% in weight
  • 6- Liquid waste and effluents decontaminated before disposed of down the drain
  • 7- Filtration of air released by a 0.2 µm filter
  • 8- Water softener, water booster pump and air compressor incorporated
  • 9- Inlet water pre-filtering system
  • 10- Ventilation of the electrical cabinet
  • 11- Full traceability of the treatment cycle via built-in printer