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The treatment of infectious waste by sterilization is part of a QSE approach: Quality – Safety – Environment. ISO 9001 certified, Tesalys provides a whole range of solutions to respond to a real environmental issue and aims to make it a real performance lever. It is therefore a matter of considering the fundamental challenges of our good development : social, environmental, and quality issues.

In this context, Tesalys is committed to offering a technology without polluting emissions (neither furans nor dioxins), an alternative to incineration, and with low water and electricity consumption.

Many advantages of our technology on site:

  • Technology without polluting emissions (neither furans nor dioxins), can replace incineration.
  • Reduced water and electricity consumption
  • Reduction of the “waste footprint”: solid waste reduced by 80% in volume and 50% in weight.
  • “Clean” liquid effluent: thermal decontamination before discharge to the drain.
  • “Clean” air: filtration of exhaled air by 0.2µm microbiological filter.
  • Energy savings by integrated heat recovery system.

No chemicals used, only water.