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Our support teams provide technical assistance and on-site commissioning of the STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® systems. Our skilled staff trains technicians in our factory as well as future users to familiarize them with the use of our machines. Customized after-sales service can be provided by our technicians or those of our authorized distributors.



The installation and start-up of STERIPLUS™ systems is quick and easy.
Tesalys has developed a network of trained distributors able to carry out this service on site. Engineers from our factory in Toulouse (France) can also travel on request to carry out the installation and start-up of the equipment throughout the world.


Tesalys provides on-site training for users of STERIPLUS™ systems. They are aimed at healthcare, research, or production teams, as well as hygienists, biomedical engineers, or maintenance technicians. In addition, we regularly schedule technical training sessions in our factory and training centre in Toulouse (France).
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Regular maintenance is essential to optimize the performance and extend the life of the shredder-sterilizers.
In addition to routine maintenance/cleaning operations, which are carried out by the operators, periodic checks (quarterly, half-yearly, or as a minimum annual) are required.
Tesalys, through its network of authorised distributors, or directly by qualified engineers from the Toulouse factory, can offer you maintenance contracts to ensure that your equipment is always in perfect working order and performance. Tesalys delivers all over the world, directly or through its network of authorised distributors, the original spare parts and consumables required for STERIPLUS™ systems.


Depending on the regulatory requirements of each country, a qualification of the STERIPLUS™ system can be carried out. We have standard protocols for IQ (installation qualification), OQ (operational qualification) and PQ (performance qualification), which are specifically adapted to the verification of the proper operation of bio contaminated waste treatment systems.
The qualification covers shredding performance, microbiological efficiency and respect for the environment.
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