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Treatment technology


Tesalys STERIPLUS™ systems are the perfect solution for inactivating biocontaminated waste. Its integrated pre-shredding system reduces the volume and mass of waste and ensures thorough treatment. Autoclaving/sterilization at 135 °C/275 °F reduces the starting microbial load to 8 log10.

These systems provide the ideal solution for labs, health care providers and other biohazardous waste-generating sites. They can treat bags, boxes or rigid containers with all types of lab, hospital or medical waste: soft wastes, sharps, lab plastic, glass, plastic tubing, filters, as well as a large quantity of liquids.

Tesalys STERIPLUS™ systems were designed to be installed as close as possible to the waste generation site. The systems can be combined to increase the process stream.


Tesalys STERIPLUS™ systems are entirely designed and manufactured in France under ISO 9001 quality assurance and in accordance with the strictest regulations, such as the French standard NF X30-503. They have been tested by independent laboratories and are approved in France by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. The sterilization cycle has been qualified in accordance with international standards EN 554 and EN ISO


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