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Flash-back on the Tesalys Sales Seminar in Toulouse.

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Tesalys brought together its teams during the Tesalys Sales Seminar to review the year 2021, the health crisis period, environmental issues, as well as the action plan to be carried out in 2022.

An innovative company offering solutions to improve the treatment of infectious waste on site, Tesalys now makes it possible to respond to these issues. While taking into account the ecological and sustainable aspect, which is today and even more than before, a primary criterion in the choice of these solutions. And with an ever-expanding international distribution network, Tesalys has shown ambition and wishes to continue its worldwide deployment in the years to come.

A positive result and annual objectives achieved!

During this seminar, Miquel Lozano, President and Founding Partner of Tesalys, thanked his employees for their investment during this year. It was an ideal opportunity to share and exchange in a friendly way, and to strengthen the ties between employees.

The seminar ended with a cooking class followed by a tasting that delighted the teams and motivated them to face this New Year!


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