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Infectious waste management : which post – pandemic?

The management of waste from healthcare activities in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic has become a central issue for healthcare establishments.

How to manage the quantities? Can everything be treated? Which risks for the front-line staff? The directives were only specified during the second wave and allowed the treatment of large quantities of infectious waste.

The focus on COVID 19 also overshadowed the many other pathogens that can be transmitted through infectious waste, an omission that led to the reminder that technologies already exist to manage this much more dangerous type of waste.

The huge increase in the volume of infectious waste during the pandemic revealed a clear need for fast, immediate, and effective solutions for a large part of the hazardous waste, but also the many disadvantages of external services.

The height of the pandemic was the moment when many hospitals realized the disadvantages of relying on an external service provider” commented Miquel Lozano, President of Tesalys, on the subject. On-site solutions have raised great interest at a time when healthcare establishments have seen their production of infectious waste explode. This is an opportunity to consider an alternative that can meet the major new challenge of decontaminating waste in large quantities and in a short timeframe.

The post-pandemic era has also raised underlying issues. Ecology has been put to the test and sustainability is increasingly becoming a key factor in the choice of new solutions. Tesalys now makes it possible to meet these new issues with the on-site treatment of our STERIPLUS™ and STERISHRED® machines. Infectious waste from healthcare activities were the focus of the health context, allowing to specify their definition, but above all to know the best ways to manage them and in the most efficient way.

Check out the article: https://waste-management-world.com/a/health-care-waste-lessons-learned


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