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Tesalys introduces on-site treatment systems in Ivory Coast

In August, the Ivorian Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage chose to introduce on-site treatment systems at the Bondoukou Hospital Center in the Ivory Coast. Tesalys systems are the ones covering this new project with the on-site installation of our STERIPLUS™ devices.

With more than 60 kg of infectious waste treated per day, the objective is to reduce or even completely eradicate contamination by waste, especially in the current health crisis context. A choice that is not only sanitary but also environmental since waste, whatever its type, is a real curse for local ecosystems in Africa, where nature acts as a waste dump.

Today, the urgency lives in the sustainable and integrated management of waste to depollute the continent, starting therefore with the waste from healthcare activities that our STERIPLUS™ systems are currently treating daily.

The “green revolution” continues its expansion, while vaccination is still ongoing and highly recommended, the infectious waste keeps piling up and needs for alternative treatment solutions are increasing more than ever.



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