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Tesalys from all angles!

For this 10th anniversary, we would like to welcome you inside Tesalys and make you discover or rediscover the company through a brand-new presentation video.

Transmitting our values, communicating our commitments, and sharing our missions, these are the objectives of this new video through which we hope to teach you a little more about our functioning and vision.

Tesalys is above all men and women who have been working together for 10 years to meet the needs of those who work every day to preserve our health.

Making the environment a health concern is one of our main challenges, democratizing the on-site treatment system to make it the new reference solution for the treatment of infectious risk waste. 

Tesalys is constantly developing to meet these new challenges, and behind this work stands a motivated and close-knit team that we would like to honor here.

Between Technology, Health, and Environment, discover Tesalys in a new light!


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