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Conference: our president Miquel Lozano speaks about the environmental impact of the health care facilities on urban spaces

On the occasion of the French Healthcare Association’s conference in Dubai, our president Miquel Lozano took part in the discussion on Future Perspectives in Health and Urban Planning.

He focused his speech on the environmental impact of healthcare establishments on urban areas, highlighting our solutions for on-site treatment of infectious waste as a response to emerging environmental issues.

The topic included an initial assessment of the environmental footprint of healthcare professionals, the issues that need to be taken into serious consideration, and ways of thinking about how to remedy them. On-site treatment is a response to the problems of medical waste management, which is now taking on its full meaning, but the green revolution is starting on a general awareness. From telemedicine to in-situ treatment and eco-design of buildings, healthcare is now facing these new environmental issues that are becoming unavoidable and no longer only conceivable.

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