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In such a context of current sanitary crisis, Tesalys aims to propose a simple, efficient and above all responsible solution. This new video aims to raise awareness of on-site treatment, with an emphasis on environmental issues.

What are the impacts on the carbon footprint? What are the advantages over incineration? What is the production of hazardous waste? How does Tesalys answer a real current problem?

A whole set of questions that we answer in a simple, schematic, and animated way. Today Tesalys means : a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, an important reduction of the weight and volume of hazardous waste when leaving the health care facility, the elimination of biological risks during transport, the improvement of sorting practices and the reduction of waste linked to the responsibility of the producers of infectious waste.

96% of the materials contained in the shredded material after treatment by our equipment can be recycled, i.e., reused as raw material and thus integrate a new life cycle.

A complete video, with a strong, simple, and entertaining tone, and a way to raise awareness on a theme that is more fundamental than ever.

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