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Tesalys equips a vaccination center

Since June, Tesalys has been equipping the vaccination center of the Saint-Jory town hall, near Toulouse, with a STERIPLUS™ 40 that daily treats the infectious waste generated by the center.

Operating 7 days a week for a total of 10 hours a day, the center is performing between 500 and 700 vaccinations daily and more than 30,000 vaccinations since its opening in June 2021.

Syringes, glass bottles, plastic sharp boxes…, these are the infectious waste currently treated within the center, representing 8 to 10 kg of waste treated per day by our STERIPLUS™ 40 system. Adaptable to any type of space and environment, the machine is installed here in a container, very close to the point of the infectious waste generation.

The Saint-Jory town hall thus becomes the very first vaccination center to equip itself with an on-site treatment system, allowing to optimize the efficiency and time of its teams made up of 10 doctors and nurses and 12 administrative employees and enjoying the many advantages of this solution.

Tesalys is committed to the heart of the health crisis and does everything possible to facilitate and optimize the work of these teams in perpetual action.

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